We are comprised of some of the most promising  architecture and engineering students, Team Tidewater VA is competing in the Energy’s Solar Decathlon. Their entry, named “Unit 6”, is the embodiment of eco-responsible and affordable design and engineering and will stand as a strong competitor for this year’s title.

Unit 6 leverages emerging energy-efficient technologies with a chic architectural design to create a multi-family dwelling that’s both unique and approachable. This unit is one of six in the team’s proposed structure and aims to serve as a sought-after alternative to its less-responsible urban counterparts. Our hope is that Unit 6 is a flashpoint for low carbon, solar powered housing in the Hampton Roads region.

The team did not have far to look for an architectural prototype, when trying to design a market-appealing, multi-family building that nets zero energy. Throughout Tidewater’s center city neighborhoods, a native building type presents handsome faces to the street in rich variety. These buildings have six apartments, stacked on either side of a central circulation core, with deep porches that not only provide shade in the hot summer, but natural ventilation to help cool the units. The team has dubbed the six unit building type “The Six Pack.” The Decathlon competition entry, Unit 6, has been developed to research systems and performance for the two six packs that are being prepared for construction in Norfolk.

Team Tidewater Virginia is a collective of students with a passion for developing innovative and eco-conscious solutions for a modern world. Rollover any of their pictures below for a brief description of each team member.